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Hire Rob Today!




More than anything else Rob does in music, he enjoys sharing his gift with others.  Rob's specialty of music from film and TV is appropriate for all ages and has been well received by audiences.  His large repertoire of arrangements can be tailored to any instrument and a wide variety of themes. He is willing to perform on any instrument (pipe, digital, or hybrid) and is available anywhere in the United States.  Upon request, Rob can provide several program possibilities, or you can view one of his previous recitals under the "Programs" tab.



Rob is available as a pianist for a variety of different functions.  In the Grand Rapids-Muskegon-Holland area, he is available for parties, weddings, and funerals.  With a long history of providing these services, Rob can provide the perfect music for your event.  He has a large music library from which to work and a huge variety of styles that will have something for everyone. 


Rob is also available as an accompanist and his resume will show a tremdous amount of experience in this area.  Rob is available for regular work, one time gigs, or even last minute!

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